Who Would Have Thought Talents Like Might Be Freelance Jobs?

If you are working fewer hours and you find yourself sympathizing with your friends about how difficult and impossible the job market is right now, you need to stop feeling sorry for yourself. You can significantly increase your monthly income – freelance work that makes it easy for you.

When you trust freelancers on the internet, chances are the only job that comes to mind has to do with writing. Maybe it’s just because most people don’t really see all the value they can offer to promote on the internet. But it doesn’t have to be. With a little imagination, you probably believe that every little talent you have might be worth someone’s money. Most people won’t even believe that looking up information on the web can be a profession for someone with a medical problem who wants to know something but doesn’t have the time. Or it could be a job of writing romantic messages in ten-foot letters in the sand around the beach (well, this one writes, technically, but he doesn’t really like it)!

For those of you with a knack for making odd-looking crafts from the unusual, if you have a knack for improving recipes, chances are there’s a place on the internet that can help you promote it for money. Definitely, it’s hard to rely on this type of freelancing as your only livelihood. But these are certainly great supplemental incomes for those who don’t earn much from a day job. So, where exactly did you find these freelance jobs you really need? When you go to Craigslist, you never know who you’re dealing with – you may or may not get paid. If you visit a site like Elance, you get a payment guarantee, but they charge a fee.

Try Etsy’s and Madeitmyself’s virtual galleries to promote quirky crafts. If you want a virtual gallery that ends up costing you nothing, try Opensky. Please note that how these sites pay the shipping costs for the items you advertise is your responsibility. For other quirky gigs, try the site Fiverr, where you can tap into all your talents – for those whose phones sound great, you can go to gigs that record messages on the answering machine; some are paid to help someone build a great resume; if you know a little bit about blogging, you’ll find that many jobs are exactly where bloggers want you to run their blog, even if they just write articles.

Do you have a digital video camera and have a lot of ideas for making short films? Try posting your tutorial videos on Howcast Media – create and sell videos on how to get rid of a cough, how to prepare for interviews, and more. Most Howcast members are student videographers, and just anyone who pays attention to what a digital camera looks like. You can promote your film according to your wishes.

You wouldn’t believe some of the things that individuals advertise on Fiverr – if you believe it, some of it is pretty cool. One ad was made by an Aussie with a “super strong Aussie accent” who would take whatever you want with that accent and mail it to you for $5. One writes and sings a rap poem for you for $5. A woman promised to wear a classic cocktail dress and handed out business cards for $5. Who would have thought these were true geniuses? But if they are in a non-traditional sense, they really are. They get you some great freelance jobs.