How Micro Job Sites Are Changing the Freelance

Over the past fifteen years, the internet has revolutionized the job market in almost every way. Gone are the days of scouring the newspapers for help with job postings to find a job.

First there were big job boards like Monster, and then Craigslist almost replaced newspaper ads, allowing for faster interaction between job seekers and employers.

next wave

A wave of outsourcing and freelance sites followed, such as E-lance and Guru, which allowed freelancers and consulting firms to post their profiles and respond to specific tasks.

The problem with these sites is that they are better suited to larger projects, and while they generally do a good job, barriers to entry can kill many opportunities and prevent many job seekers and employers from completing the approval process.

Launch of micro job sites

These sites are more accessible than other job boards and posting profiles and jobs is faster and easier. These sites make it faster and easier for employers and job seekers looking for jobs to post a variety of jobs for them to perform.

These sites are a combination of outsourced sites, classified sites, and ecommerce sites. Site members can post specific jobs without going through an extensive registration process and quickly and easily communicate with potential employers to discuss the project.

In addition to simple posts, there are opportunities to include other tasks in the first purchase after dealing with job security discussions on the site.

The first mainstream micro-recruiting site was Fiverr, but many others have been launched since then. These sites are changing the way jobs are marketed, making it easier for employers and internet marketers to fill desired roles without hiring full-time employees or hiring expensive consulting firms.

I recently spoke with an experienced freelance web designer who had this opinion about micro job sites. “Micro job sites have drastically changed our business model in the past year. We used to promote a lot on large outsourcing sites where it took hours to complete jobs with a very low success rate. With micro job sites we have been able to list 10-15 We can serving our customers at affordable prices, leading to a significant increase in our revenue.”

In short, micro job sites are changing the way people do business on the web and are here.