Freelancers Need Temporary Office Space Options

As contract work continues to be a growing trend in Australia and the US, there is now an even greater need for temporary office space for freelancers.

Self-employment and job security

In my parents’ day, students were encouraged to get a good, steady job in a bank or government, earn a steady income, and possibly retire at age 65.

For Gen Xers, no job is safe. When we went through the global financial crisis, they had to worry about whether the banks paying the high salaries would show up in the next year.

For businesses and freelancers, risk management is important as the job and business market is changing rapidly. To test new projects, companies conclude short-term employment contracts, service contracts and use temporary office space. This makes serviced office accommodation very attractive.

freelance rise

Quitting a steady job to become an independent consultant can be both exciting and fraught. Working for yourself gives you certain choices every day: where to work, how much to do, whether or not to work. If you rely on hourly wages for your work, consider how health insurance, vacation, and sick days are paid.

In a Reuters article comparing the dramatic increase in contract work to the new industrial revolution, author Sarah Horowitz suggests we need a new safety net support system for independent contractors that provides them with the security benefits of traditional labor models.


There are plenty of bloggers on the internet offering advice on how to get rid of your boss and gain your freedom. Sounds great, but if you trade one boss for seven clients, you could be attracting seven new bosses.

Some of them are not really interested in having to pay rent at the end of the month, and can be very slow in paying their bills.

The rapid growth of job posting sites (“Elance,” “99designs,” and “Fiverr,” to name a few) has contributed to the development of the freelance market. Such job boards allow employers to get instant technical support without the costs and responsibilities of a full-time employee. The advantage for job seekers is the ability to view a wide variety of offers and pay securely through their escrow account system.

According to Wikipedia, the United States and the United Kingdom together account for 50% of outsourced jobs, while the Philippines, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh provide 50% of contract workers. More than 10% of freelancers live in the United States.

More home based businesses

In-Stat, a digital trends research firm, said the rising trend of freelancing and working from home will cause smartphone purchases for small offices and home offices to increase by more than 44 percent between 2010 and 2015. Since official US statistics no longer include independent workers, there are no official statistics. However, In-Stat expects the number of full-time home workers to exceed 14 million in 2008. This is a huge market.

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If you work for yourself, you can easily operate it in your home office, coffee shop or client’s office. However, for contracts lasting a few months it may be worthwhile using temporary office space and if you are located in our area we are happy to provide you with an office in Perth. As a virtual office, we can give you a print address and a website address.

free economic opportunity

Certainly, the trend towards self-employment is upward. As the Internet and home businesses continue to grow, providers in this community, including mobile devices, communications technology, home office equipment, serviced offices and temporary office space companies, will benefit from this trend.