Freelance Writing Made Easy With Fiverr

Do you want to make money writing? Try Fiverr is a free site where everything costs $5. While Fiverr’s creators charge a hefty commission (they charge $1 per gig), it’s a great place to find writing jobs that can make you a quick buck.

Step 1: Open an account

Sign up for Fiverr by linking it to your Facebook account or by creating a separate account. Pick a username that makes you appear at least somewhat professional (oceanwriter looks way better than hotchick304).

Step 2: show

Once you have an account, setting up a gig is easy. Select “Writing” as your category. The headline format is “I’m willing to pay $5___” and you just need to fill in the blanks. So choose something like “write a 500 word article” or “write 1000 words on any topic”. Then just fill in the description section. Describe exactly what you want to offer – if your description is vague, people will not buy from you. Say how many words you will write for a gig, whether you will write SEO content, etc.

Step 3: Promote your show

There are several great ways to promote your gig:

— Put it on your Facebook or Twitter. This will generate some publicity among followers/friends who may be interested in your writing.

— Use it as your signature in writing-related forums. This will drive target customers to your writing service.

— Send a message directly to people who want what you offer. This is the best way to sell. In the bottom right corner of the writing area you can see what people want now. If you find someone who wants to write an article, click on their name to send them a private message and tell them about your services. Refreshing the page will give you a new list of people and their requests.

Step 4: Make Money!

If someone orders your gig, deliver it on time. Write quality work and you’ll get rave reviews, which will make more people buy your performance! Happy sale!